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Group Mental Skills Training & Sport Psychology Seminars

Group Mental Skills Training & Sport Psychology Services

Seminars For Athletes

For elite athletes, developing mental strength is equally important as developing physical strength. Athletes need to learn mental skills in order to adequately control their nerves and anxiety before important performances. Actualize can help with this essential part of athletic peak performance. Below are examples of mental skills training seminars that may be helpful for your athletes. 

  • Mindfulness & Staying In The Moment
  • Developing Positive Self-talk
  • Performance Anxiety Management
  • Developing A Healthy Athletic Identity
  • Making Meaning From Disappointing Results
  • Athletic Career Transitions
  • Preparing For Athletic Retirement

Seminars for Coaches

Are you coaching provincial or national level athletes? Have you taken National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) training courses that have emphasized integrating mental skills training for your athletes? Are you left feeling unsure about how to build mental skills training and practice into your yearly training plan (YTP)? Are you noticing that your athletes are requiring psychological skills to perform their best but are left feeling uncertain about how best to help them? Coaches can play an integral part in helping athletes to develop and practice mental skills. Actualize can help coaches and trainers find individualized and innovative ways to begin integrating mental skills practice into the existing training schedule of their athletes. Contact Actualize to learn more about a customized seminar that might help your coaching team and, consequently, help your athletes to get a competitive edge!

Seminars For Parents of Athletes

Are you a parent of a high performance athlete? Do you want to know how best to support your them in reaching their goals while also maintaining balance and perspective? Or are you a coach that is recognizing that parents of your athletes could use some skills and information to help support you in bringing out the best in their athletes? Actualize is happy to offer psychoeducational seminars that can be customized based on the needs of parents and their athletes. Contact Actualize to learn more about how we might meet the needs of parents within your sport community.

Outside of the Edmonton Area?

No problem! Don't sweat it!

Actualize is able to provide seminars anywhere within Alberta (either in-person or via virtual platform).

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